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Although we believe that using a car insurance comparison engine is the best way to get a broad overview of the premiums available from a large number of car insurance companies, we do understand that many motorists appreciate the added extras that many brokers provide can be just as important as the final price of their policy.

For this reason we have compiled profiles on some of the top companies in the UK who provide insurance, with details on their unique selling points and key features of their service to help motorists who prefer to take a more considered approach to their insurance premiums to choose based on features rather than price alone. Many of these companies are included when you compare car insurance using the form on our website, but some will not be - for the sake of completeness we have listed as many as we can.

Although you will find that some of these companies deliberately choose not to be listed on comparison sites, we suggest that you still check the comparison engine on our site to ensure they offer a good deal when compared against their competition.

1st Central Car Insurance

  • All call centres are located inside the UK
  • Up to a 65% No Claims Bonus (NCB)
  • 24/7 claim support by phone or email
  • Ability to access your policy online
  • Receive a free courtesy car in the event of a claim

Santander Car Insurance

  • 24/7 Claims Line that is based in the UK
  • Optional reminders about when insurance is due
  • Optional legal protection cover
  • Optional personal and road rage cover
  • Optional key protection cover

Bell Car Insurance

  • Savings on bundled services
  • Unique no claims bonus accelerator
  • Online policy and payment access
  • Comprehensive policy covers nearly all belongings and damages
  • Large network of repair shops

Co-Operative Car Insurance

The award-winning car insurance that Co-Operative Car Insurance specialises in saves its clients money in several ways:

  • Most clients find that they qualify to pay up to 77 pounds less than they do with other companies
  • They can save around 40 pounds when they purchase their Breakdown Cover with their Comprehensive policies
  • They may qualify for several discounts on their car insurance cover
  • They can purchase extended cover for travel throughout the European Union for only 15 pounds a year

Kwik Fit Car Insurance

  • 20% online order discount
  • Bundled services discounts
  • Guaranteed courtesy car
  • Customer rewards program
  • Retrieves quotes from multiple companies

Kwik Fit Insurance is one of the larger insurance outlets in the UK covering your car, your home and everything in between. They offer a 15% discount for those who wish to combine their insurance policies into a single plan, as well as a further 20% discount just for completing your order online.

Lloyds TSB Car Insurance

  • 24/7 Claims helpline
  • 3 year guarantee on all repairs
  • Free courtesy car and windscreen repair
  • 60 days travel cover
  • No claims discounts

Lloyd's TSB Car Insurance provides its customers with low prices by obtaining quotes from a network of providers and allowing customers to choose a quote that best meets their needs. They offer a 24/7 claims hotline so that you can always speak to a live person and get the help you need.

Nationwide Car Insurance

  • Discounts for Bundled Policies
  • Up to 75% No no claims discount (NCD)
  • Up to £100,00 in legal claims coverage
  • Guaranteed Courtesy Car
  • Road Rescue Service

M&S Car Insurance

What makes M&S car insurance different from the other is that they offer people:

  • The choice between Standard Cover or Premier Cover
  • A full 90 days cover for driving in the European Union
  • Guaranteed repairs for a total of three years
  • The ability to file claims for items that aren’t ordinarily insured
  • The ability to file a claim at any time of the day

The Premier Policy

Privilege Car Insurance

  • 10% multi-car discount
  • 5-year repair guarantee
  • 24/7 claims support
  • 25% off first year's breakdown cover
  • Named driver no claims discount

HSBC Car Insurance

  • 90 days European travel coverage
  • 24/7 claims support and online access
  • Optional legal protection plan
  • Breakdown coverage available
  • Coverage options for high-end vehicles

HSBC has been offering insurance and other services for nearly 200 years worldwide. They have a variety of car insurance plans available to fit any budget. Once you are a customer, you have 24/7 access to all your policy documents via their website as well as phone support any time of day should you need to make a claim.