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Although we believe that using a car insurance comparison engine is the best way to get a broad overview of the premiums available from a large number of car insurance companies, we do understand that many motorists appreciate the added extras that many brokers provide can be just as important as the final price of their policy.

For this reason we have compiled profiles on some of the top companies in the UK who provide insurance, with details on their unique selling points and key features of their service to help motorists who prefer to take a more considered approach to their insurance premiums to choose based on features rather than price alone. Many of these companies are included when you compare car insurance using the form on our website, but some will not be - for the sake of completeness we have listed as many as we can.

Although you will find that some of these companies deliberately choose not to be listed on comparison sites, we suggest that you still check the comparison engine on our site to ensure they offer a good deal when compared against their competition.

Tesco Car Insurance

Tesco Car Insurance offers the following features:

  • Comprehensive coverage for accident, fire and theft
  • Personal possession coverage including DVD and stereo systems
  • Helpline available 24 hours a day
  • Multiple coverage levels
  • Free courtesy car available during accident repairs

Admiral Car Insurance

Admiral Car Insurance specialises in insuring more than one car to a household. By insuring at least two cars, policyholders may receive:

  • At least 23 percent off of their auto insurance premiums
  • If their windscreens are ever broken, the MultiCar policy will cover the repairs
  • 1,250 pounds to cover each car’s stereo equipment
  • The flexibility to control their own policies
  • A courtesy car in the event that any one of their vehicles is being repaired

MultiCar Insurance

Churchill Car Insurance

Churchill's Features:

  • Low Prices
  • 24 Hour Recovery Hotline
  • Repairs Guaranteed for 5 Years.
  • Uninsured Driver Coverage
  • Coverage for Personal Belongings in the Car

AA Car Insurance

AA Car Insurance in the UK can offer many of their new or current AA members some of the following benefits:

  • Much lower rates for their automobile insurance as new AA customers
  • For one year, all new AA customers receive free Break Down Coverage
  • 5-Star rated insurance for your automobile coverage
  • Savings galore and access to AA Reward offers to all their members
  • A company who has insured more than 5 million drivers with insurance policies during the past 5 years

Diamond Car Insurance

A comprehensive car insurance policy purchased at Diamond Car Insurance means that women are given these five useful benefits:

  • A courtesy car for when their cars are in the garage being repaired
  • Up to 300 pounds for handbag cover for their handbags and the contents within
  • 100,000 pounds for a legal defence if they cause an accident
  • Child seat cover that covers all children’s items such as buggies and car seats

Axa Car Insurance

  • Up to 90% no claims discount
  • £30 immediate online discount
  • £1 million injury coverage
  • Immediate coverage and access to documents
  • Local call centres with 24/7 claims access

Axa boasts an impressive 90% no claims discount for drivers who qualify based on their driving history, making them an ideal choice for older drivers with few claims. 90% is significantly higher than the industry average.

Saga Car Insurance

Saga Car Insurance offer the following benefits:

  • To pay as little as 180 pounds a year for a policy
  • The ability to drive throughout the European Union without having to pay extra
  • Cover if the vehicle has been vandalised without it having an effect on their No Claims Bonus
  • If the policyholder is having an emergency and needs to allow another person to drive, that person will be covered by the policy
  • 1,000 pounds for any damaged personal items that were in the vehicle when it was destroyed

Asda Car Insurance

Five benefits people can receive from ASDA Car Insurance are:

  • 70 percent off their policies as a No Claims Bonus
  • If they purchase their insurance online they receive a 10 percent discount
  • The option of breakdown cover
  • Claims service 24 hours a day
  • Personal accident benefits with comprehensive cover

ASDA Car Insurance offers motorists the opportunity to purchase three different types of cover including Fully Comprehensive Cover, Third Party, Fire & Theft and Third Party Only.

eCar Insurance

  • Variety of policy structures and lengths
  • Provides quotes for a variety of insurance types
  • Ability to order insurance directly rather than through a broker
  • Customers can add multiple cars and drivers to a single policy
  • Offers No Claims Discount at an accelerated rate for select customers

Endsleigh Car Insurance

Endsleigh Car Insurance has taken cover farther than most other car insurance companies with:

  • A maximum 76 percent no claims bonus
  • A guarantee for repairs done at approved garages the lasts five years
  • 2,500 pounds for Keycare cover
  • Reimbursement for the excess paid after a theft, fire, vandalism or accident
  • Arrangement of windscreen or window repair 24 hours a day

Road Rage Cover